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The handwork you have seen may be like this

Or, it is like this




At CHOII HOME, we also have the opportunity to do manual work for you.

CHOII HOME cluster spider pendant lighting


CHOII HOME Cluster Spider Pendant Lighting

LP-C027 series

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  The design of this lamp is inspired by the hand-made DIY handwork on the web. It can be used freely. You can decorate it with other props, such as branches, wood, water pipes, etc. CHOII HOME gives it a Special name - spider tassel lamp.

  For the different needs of customers, we have designed five models of 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads and 14 heads. You can choose according to your needs. The lamp is well-made, made of high-quality materials and hand-made by workers.

  This light is suitable for any scene. You can install it in your room, add a dreamy atmosphere, or install it in your living room, it looks elegant and atmospheric. In short, where do you want to install it!


                  CHOII HOME LP-C027

  E26 socket, suitable for a variety of light bulbs (LED, white woven, Edison, etc.), easy to install and safe.


            CHOII HOME LP-C027   CHOII HOME LP-C027

  High quality PVA line, oil black painted finish, quality guaranteed, safe and secure.

          CHOII HOME Spider Pendant Lighting CHOII HOME Spider Pendant Lighting

Scenario Shows

CHOII HOME Spider Cluster Pendant Lighting


CHOII HOME Spider Cluster Pendant Lighting


CHOII HOME Spider Cluster Pendant Lighting


  With this light, you can enhance the beauty of the scene, and let you fall in love with the craft, love the design!


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